Stephen works as a professional musician and music educator across London and the UK. He is always delighted to have the opportunity to work on inclusive music projects, and is passionate about providing equal access to music for all.


He holds the post of Director of Music at St Mary's Monken Hadley where he is responsible for all music, including an SATB choir of around thirty singers, and a programme of twenty concerts a year. He also works as a session musician in theatres, studios and for events, including with the London Funeral Singers.

HMDT Music employs him as a Musical Director for the "Junior" and "Mini" I Can Sing! music theatre programmes, alongside work in associated primary schools. He also accompanies the "Fledglings" preschool music-exploration group and teaches Piano, Music Theory and Musicianship both at the Saturday School and as part of the Music For You programme. He teaches with the Enfield Music Service and in his own private practice.

Stephen conducts full-time studies towards a PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London. He belongs to more departments than he can fit on his student record and is corralled by a whole team of supervisors. As with many academic researchers, he presents his research for the world to criticise. For more information about publications and conferences see the "Academics" page of this website. 

In-between his professional and academic commitments, he leads an international gaming community, writes creatively and pops up in too many internet arguments for his own good.