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I frequently arrange music for use with professional and amateur groups I work with. This music is occasionally uploaded here to make resources accessible to organists, choirmasters and other church musicians.


Please feel free to use any of this music in any context that is open to the general public for free.

In the event that you wish to perform my music in a paid event such as a fundraiser, concert or commercial project - I don't normally mind! But please remember take the time to write an email to ask for permission. I'll let you know if you have the latest version and if you'll need to seek licensing.

F Major

G Major

Psalm 121: I Lift My Eyes to the HIlls
It was suggested to me in October 2017 that the well-known Scottish folksong "Mairi's Wedding" might make an appropriate accompaniment to the words of Psalm 121. 
I tried it out and it seemed to work, so here it is in the original key of G-major, and the congregation-friendly key of F-major.

E Major

Aurelia in Triple Metre
The presence of Aurelia in a monthly music list is often met with groans and complaints from choirs. In an effort to make it less 'stodgy' and a little more flowing, I put it into Triple Metre. 

G Major

F# Major

Amazing Grace
Arrangement for the London Funeral Singers, completed in the late hours of November 19th 2018 at very short notice - some beautiful moments with some gorgeous movements in the harmony parts.
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